About the Creator Chris Pinto

Hi there, I'm Chris Pinto. I live in Northern California (Bay Area). I pride myself on having an open mind and having thought through many concepts and ideas, I love discussing everything and anything under the sun, and beyond. I have traveled the world, over 25 countries and counting. I am un-encumbered by race, religion, political correctness, looney liberalism, far right-ism and social dogma.
In my free time, I love rescuing turtles, designing, cooking, sci-fi, animals and everything 'cars'.

How it all began October 2013

I came up with the idea of "Triangle-head" and the "Illuminator", during a hard time in my life. I was struggling financially and was between jobs. I had started a business, but it wasn't working out. I've always been a 'scribbler' and have enjoyed drawing comics and little art (Like Sergio A. from MAD magazine) in the corners of my textbooks when I was in school. It took a few months, but the comic came together and I decided to go public with it. With time, I added more characters like Believer Bob, Liberal Jane and many others. The rest is history...

I've always been fascinated with the concept of the 'Illuminati" and the appearance of the 'Eye' and 'Pyramid' on the dollar bill. From this came the concept of Triangle-head, sort of a Prometheus like character who is part of the International Deep State with manipulative control over a great many things, but who interacts with the common man. For some weird reason they never comment on his being a pyramid. Lol!

I do hope you like the comic and are able to think and discuss things in an open manner. One of the reasons I do this is because even though the characters are made up, the issues they discuss, or the opinions they express are an example of Art imitating Life.

Meet the Characters of the Illuminator Comic